Clear IELTS in the First Attempt

If you want to clear IELTS in the first attempt, you need to have a plan and get kick-started right away. As the best overseas education consultant in Ahmedabad, we want to help you with strategizing and show you the right direction to begin preparation. Whether you study on your own or choose to work with a consultant, these tips and tricks will help you regardless.

So without further ado, let us jump right into four tips and tricks that you should follow.

Enhance Your Writing, Reading, and Speaking Skills

IELTS is an English language-based exam. You need to focus on enhancing your proficiency in English. This means you need to spend a fixed number of hours each day on these skills.  For example, you can go through the types of essays asked in exams and practice writing them. While reading regularly will sharpen your vocabulary and comprehension skills.

To practice listening and speaking, listen to audios of varying accents including American, British, etc. to get a hang of it. Doing this daily will make you comfortable with listening and speaking in English.

Consider Focusing on Speed

Do not forget that the exam is timed and the number of questions to attempt is more. You will have to complete your listening, reading, speaking, and writing with accuracy and speed. If you want any help with the speed, you can contact IELTS classes in Ahmedabad like iOverseas. We can help you in increasing your speed and attempting maximum questions.

Do not Stress

Staying patient before the exam and during the preparation is important. After all, worrying will only take up time and consume energy that you could have used in preparing better for the exam. If you find yourself getting panicked or stressed, pause for a moment and try taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself.

Take a Few Sample Tests

Taking mock tests will give you a fair idea of what the actual examination will feel like. So, taking at least one sample paper a day is a must. It will not only help you get accustomed to the paper pattern but will also increase speed and build confidence.


Cracking IELTS in the first attempt might make you a little scared or sceptical of your abilities. If that is the case, you can always reach out to a student visa consultant in Ahmedabad like ours. Remember, with the right planning and guidance, you can clear the exam.