Canada Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad

The number of students moving abroad for further studies is witnessing a steady rise daily, given the education and career prospects there. Especially, Canada has been a welcoming land to many students. While students from many states are moving to the country, the number of students from Gujarat moving to Canada has roughly increased by 40%. This speaks volumes about the need for an overseas consultant for Canada that can guide you through the entire journey.

As the best consultancy for Canada Student Visa in Ahmedabad, we want to highlight a few things you should look into before choosing a Canada Visa Student Consultant. So, let’s get straight to it.

Check their Reputation

Examining the reputation of a Canada education consultant is crucial as it will give you a fair idea of how the company has been performing over the years. You can even ask some of your friends or anyone from your circle whether they have consulted this agency. If it’s a well-known firm, you will likely get references from the people you know when you ask them.

Moreover, you can go to their social media page and check the reviews. Browsing through them can give you a lot of information on their market reputation.

Consider Procedural Timelines

Before deciding which visa consultancy to go for, ensure you know the time visa application and arrival process takes. Some firms may take as little as two weeks to hand you your visa, while some may take months. You want to consult a firm that works efficiently and hands you a visa in as little as two weeks.

You also want to consult a firm that ensures all the stages of your student visa application process get carried out systematically with minimum delays. Well, if you are someone looking for a student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, feel free to reach out to us. We will guide you at each step during the visa application process and ensure you get your visa in time.

Look for Transparency

You should know more about the atmosphere of the firm. Try to get to know the counselors, their attitude towards their clients, their tone, commitment, etc. Once you know their approach, it will tell you how they would deal with the students during the visa process. If the atmosphere is not client-friendly, it can adversely affect the process. Hence, you must consider if the firm has a friendly and warm environment.

Ask for References

When choosing a Canada visa student consultant, it is best to use references. You can ask the immigration consultant for a few references for their clients. Talking to them will give you confidence and help you understand the firm’s approach better. You can even check the reviews online and try reaching out to their former clients.

By talking to them, you will also know whether the staff is supportive during the process and if the trainers have the required expertise.

Check for their Success Stories

Testimonials or success stories are a great way to know a consultancy firm. You should check out their social media pages and see whether they post any success stories or client testimonials on their page. If so, how frequently do they post them? This will give you an insight into how many clients are happy with their services and if the firm has helped their clients get visas for a specific country.

After all, you don’t want to end up with a firm with a high success rate in getting visas for the USA while you are looking to move to Canada. So, keep track of such things to make a wise call.

Wrapping Up

Getting admitted to your dream university is not a cakewalk. Yes, you can make the process easier with a solid plan, preparation, and guidance from the study visa consultants. However, consider the student’s requirements before choosing a consultant. Even the best Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad like ours may not be a suitable fit if it doesn’t meet the student’s requirements.

Hopefully, the blog helped you know what things to look for before selecting a consultant. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to contact us!