About iOverseas

iOverseas is a leading overseas consultancy firm providing IELTS coaching, study visas, work visas, and PR. iOverseas has been established on the belief that ‘there is a significant role of overseas consultants,’ especially when there are countless opportunities. iOverseas works to build a better future for its clients. Because it’s clear that the more we give, the more we get. We have a network throughout India, so it doesn’t matter from which city you belong. We can always serve. Whether your choice is the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Czech Republic (with Government Scholarships), or any other damn European country – iOverseas can work towards making your dream come true.

At iOverseas, we start your journey with detailed three-round counseling to help you identify your interests and career goals. We counsel you to determine:

  • Right country – that accommodates your temperament and lifestyle.
  • Right course – that fits your career goal.
  • Right educational institute – that provides you a quality, encouraging, and safe environment for study.

iOverseas is bound to give you an insanely great experience. We call it ‘The iOverseas Experience.’

Below are the three pillars (you may consider them as the USPs) on which we stand:
  • We value what you value – We value each student’s talents and their parents’ hard-earned money.
  • Competitive advantage – We are the South Asia representative authorized to route the students, especially in the Czech Republic’s government universities.
  • Client-focused – To realize it, we recommend you going through the ‘The iOverseas Experience.’

Our founder, Mr. Dipal Chudasama, founded iOverseas with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer quality education programs at the most competitive price at reputed government universities.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was very simple: quality education was too expensive. In 2004, Dipal was a student at WSFIZ University (University of Finance and Management) - Bialysotk Poland. The program was so costly for him that he lived with one-time meals and sometimes with bread and milk. Although the school was excellent, he didn’t recommend anyone as he didn’t want anyone to live life like that. After returning to India in 2006, he was amazed by seeing parents’ efforts to give best life to their children. Students, many times due to peer pressure and lack of efforts in researching options for foreign education put their parents’ wallets bare. Any possibility of getting a quality education at affordable rates?

It turns out that there was a simple explanation. Dipal observed that the foreign education industry was dominated by mostly US, UK, Canadian, and Australian Universities. They, without any doubt, offer a first-rate education but with the money.

Considering that, Dipal started iOverseas to provide the best quality education options at affordable rates in foreign countries. The rest is history, then.

Every day around 10:30 AM, Mr. Dipal Chudasama calls a meeting. Usually, “What if” is the central theme. What if we offer this course to that student? What if we suggest this country to that candidate as his main goal is settling his family in the shortest time? Though she is not aware and doesn’t even need it, what if we suggest applying for a scholarship as she is eligible? In a nutshell, all ‘what ifs’ propel us to invest our time, talent, and energy for turning a client’s dream into reality in the most efficient way.

While searching for the answers, the beast inside us switches to the ‘actively working’ mode. We value a client’s trust, which he/she puts on us to turn their dreams into reality. We know the excitement of living a quality life abroad. We realize the career opportunities you’re looking for.

Other than ‘what ifs,’ ‘fear’ keeps pushing us. Yes, we know the fear of being average. The fear of what if we fail at hitting the right button. We fear of becoming a part of the crowd.

That’s what keeps pushing us in our good and bad times and exciting and dull times.

The iOverseas Experience

We believe our clients are entitled to an unmatched consulting experience. When working with us, we want everyone to feel empowered to succeed, trust in our abilities, and be excited to work with us. The experience does not end with the life of a client’s requirement. We pride ourselves on maintaining client relationships that enable us to be a trusted overseas consultant for years to come.

Learn through the following points what we call the iOverseas experience.



At iOverseas, we perceive trust as the ‘Triveni Sangam.’ Together, we will churn and clear the risks involved, our expertise, and the dependency we are going to have. The goal is to reduce uncertainty and work towards achieving your goal with trust.

We value getting to know each person. Our approach is to do the right thing and foster healthy, long-term relationships. We don’t overpromise, and our style is collaborative. We look for the possibilities of building a better future for yours on a personalized level. And that’s what our business is. We keep interactions transparent, clear, and honest. We strongly believe in building balanced relationships. That’s why we bring perspectives, but we won’t insist that we are right. We want to be your trusted overseas consultant, not an authoritarian. Listening and communicating openly with consideration, loyalty, and honesty allow us to have long-term relationships with our colleagues, clients, and associates.

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Like a master chef, we enhance the traditional recipe by blending experiences, resources, and a strong commitment to delivery excellence.

Our commitment to delivering excellent work ensures that each client’s requirement is unique. We strive to create personalized solutions based on our experience and resources suitable for your profile. The zeal of providing you an excellent work pushes us to resolve issues that are important to each client quickly. That’s why we say we don’t bring a cookie-cutter, rigid methodology. Like a master chef, we enhance the traditional recipe by blending experiences, resources, and a strong commitment to delivery excellence.

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Loyal means delivering feelings of calmness and surety with which clients can rest assured.

For us, loyalty means more than a sense of allegiance, commitment, and dedication towards clients. Loyalty means delivering feelings of calmness and surety. Clients can rest assured that we will adapt quickly, begin immediately to add value to their requirements, meet deadlines, and live up to and exceed client expectations.

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We make sure each of our clients feels the value we promise to deliver.

We offer performance-based pricing. Clients only pay the full amount when all expectations have been met or exceeded. We make sure each of our clients feels the value we promise to deliver. We never fail to do what it takes to ensure satisfaction. Our clients provide willing references, prepared to speak about our quality of services, breadth of skills, depth of resources, and the ability to offer assurance every time.

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