According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world. And the land of maple, Niagara Falls, ice hockey, poutine, beautiful wildlife, natural landscapes, and what not – is attracting more and more international students.

From the last decade, international students, especially from Asian countries like India and China, have been flying to Canada to pursue their higher studies. When the consensus was conducted in 2016, 22% of the Canadian population (38 million) found as immigrants. Every year, people from over 200 countries immigrate to Canada.

The country has not only been limited by recognizing as a land of immigrants from the first European colonizers in the 16th century. Top-ranked universities, an exceptional education system, affordable tuition and living expenses yet a high standard of living – distinguishes Canada and makes students say, ‘Yes, this is the country I want to study in.’

Though education policies in Canada vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction with a department of education in each province, some of the standard features of the university framework in Canada are:

  • Students are encouraged to communicate freely and express incomprehension.
  • The typical classroom environment is unbelievably accessible and welcoming, where professors focus on teaching and enhancing students’ creative and analytical thinking.
  • Professors give students valuable feedback after tests or assessments, in which they express each student’s level of learning and development promoting each student to become an independent learner.

Apart from that, many reasons are driving a huge number of international students to study in Canada.

As the leading Canada Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad, we can bring an n-number of reasons why Canada is emerging as a popular study abroad destination.

Simple visa policy:

Canada’s straightforward, open, transparent, simple, and easy visa application process for international students is one of the key reasons international students flock to study in Canada. Moreover, its’ multicultural cities and immigration-friendly policies work as a magnet for international candidates.

Quality education at an affordable cost:

Canada is emerging as a popular study abroad destination for various reasons. It guarantees quality education at affordable rates which is why it is considered to be better than Studying in USA. Plus, there are more scholarship opportunities in place in Canada.

Diverse and cosmopolitan setting:

There is no single national culture as Canada is diverse historically and ethnically. Canada has a mixed culture consisting of British, French and American people which completes every aspect of cultural life – from filmmaking, writing, cooking to playing sports.

Further, every year, you will be surrounded by a broad multi-cultural setting in classrooms and community, with over 120,000 international students anywhere in Canada. This gives a competitive advantage to any international student.

Working while studying:

International students can work for 20 hours a week during semesters and 30 hours during breaks. Furthermore, you won’t need a work permit if you work in the campus area. It is required only for full-time jobs outside campuses.

Best quality of life and the safest too:

Canada is considered one of the world’s safest and low crime-rate countries. According to many reports, Canada is the second largest nation in the world to have the highest quality of life in terms of social change and growth.


Several research opportunities are available in Canada, which is the key strength of Canada and gives you various choices while you study. Research is encouraged by Universities in Canada through scholarships to research scholars.

Canadian education is less costly and internationally recognized. The number of international students studying in Canada has doubled since 2008 because of the Canadian system’s versatility and diversity of educational programs. Below is the list of post-secondary education programs and their duration.

Different education programs after secondary education Duration
Certificate 1 year
Diploma 1-2 years
Advanced Diploma 2-3 years
Bachelor’s Degree 4 years full-time study
Post-Graduate Diploma or Certificates 1-2 years
Master’s Degree 1-2 years
Doctorate or Ph.D. 4-7 years

Many designated colleges in Canada offering only short-term courses such as diplomas and certificate programs to a certain standard. International students can opt for those programs as well with the right guidance of Canada student visa consultants in Ahmedabad.

Language needs: Out of Canada’s two official languages, English and French, students should know any of the languages compulsorily. One can also select language courses offered by Canadian universities.

Top courses: The most popular Canadian courses are business management and finance, computer science, engineering and technology, health and medicine, humanities and social sciences, biological and life sciences, media and journalism, tourism and hospitality.

In Canada, a student visa is known as a study permit. International students must receive a study permit for more than six months in Canada to study in Canada.

When you decide to study abroad, we believe preparation is crucial. Hence, we recommend students apply for their study permit 4 to 6 months before their orientation class.

To apply, we ask for the following documents:

  • A valid passport with a validity date of 6 months after your intended course completion date
  • Academic transcripts from College or University, or Secondary and Higher Secondary marksheets (as per the student’s case)
  • Standardized test scores (IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT)
  • An unconditional acceptance letter from the University/ College
  • Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) (if applied for Quebec)
  • A financial statement supporting the eligibility of the applicant to pay living costs and tuition fees
  • A medical report issued by an approved physician
  • Statement of purpose and letters of recommendation

With these and maybe other required and relevant documents, we, a Canada student visa consultant, submit the visa application forms and do the visa process.

Usually, it takes six weeks for the processing of a Canada study permit. However, that time has been reduced to 45 days, especially for the students from Indian, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, with the launch of Student Direct Stream (SDS) by the Canadian High Commission.

Immigrate to Canada

After a degree from a Canadian university, migration to Canada becomes relatively easy. The Government of Canada has a wide variety of programs to transition from an international student to a permanent resident.

The Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP) is open for recent graduates to obtain work experience in the Canadian industry.

For international students, some of the other programs are:

  • Canadian Experience Class: With two years of education and a year of work experience, students can apply for this.
  • Quebec Experience Class: If you have completed the CEGEP curriculum from any Quebec institution and have an excellent grip on the French language, this is for you.
  • Provincial Selection Program: After selecting provincial officials, qualified candidates apply via paper-based or express entry processes.

There are still more checks that need to be considered closely and there are other Canada immigration programs. To understand what fits you best, visit best consultancy for canada student visa in Ahmedabad or contact us anytime.

The tuition expenses and budgetary preparation are the first things we think about when we plan to study outside our home country.

But when it comes to studying in Canada, you don’t have to worry much about it. Its cost-effective study options, quality education, and multi-cultural cities make Canada popular as the most student-oriented country. An international student has to spend up to CAD 38,000-39,000 a year while studying and living in Canada. For an undergraduate degree program, the tuition fee ranges from CAD 10,000-22,000 per annum. If we add the costs of housing, clothing, books, and transportation, it ends up with an average of about CAD 12,000 as annual living expenses.

Study Program Approximate tuition fees in CAD Approximate tuition fees in INR
Diploma and certificate programs 11,000 to 16,000 / Year 6,27,000 to 9,21,000 / Year
Bachelor’s degree programs 10,000 to 22,000 / Year 5,70,000 to 12,54,000 / Year
Master’s degree programs 18,000 to 30,000 / Year 10,26,000 to 17,10,000 / Year

Conversion Rate 1 CAD = 57 INR/- as of December 2020

Health insurance:

As a responsible and accountable Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad, we feel we must inform you that international students must be protected by medical insurance in Canada. International students obtain varying medical services across Canada in relation to the province.

In some of Canada’s provinces, international students are provided with medical care. Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan protect international students’ compliance with their provincial health plans. However, if you are in a province that does not offer medical cover, as an experienced Student Visa Consultant for Canada in Ahmedabad, we suggest you go for institute’s insurance plan or to choose from other private insurance.

Nevertheless, private healthcare insurance rates in Canada are significantly low when compared to the USA. This reduces the total financial burden on international students and encourages them to opt for health insurance.

There are limited scholarships available in Canada, and they seldomly cover the full cost of a course of study. Only a handful of Canadian institutions are open to give admirable scholarships to international students with excellent results. The scholarship amount given is different from institution to institution and typically only covers part of a student’s tuition and living costs. In Canada, obtaining a scholarship is not that easy. To get that, applications must be sent directly to each university along with the admission application.

There is a range of scholarships available in Canada, from merit-based, sports, ethnic, international undergraduate scholarships to York University international student scholarships, University of Calgary graduate awards, and Vanier Canada graduate scholarships. Contact Best Canada Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad to know more about and the best fit scholarship for you.