Mock Interviews

Most of the top-ranking universities offer admission after assessing a student through an interview. It may be through Skype or telephone. Similarly, many countries expect candidates to appear in person for visa interviews at a consulate or high commission or visa processing centers. Hence, clearing a visa interview is a vital part of the visa process and needs to be well prepared.

iOverseas prepares students for visa interviews. We train them with various stages of mock interview sessions. First, we carefully assess the candidate’s background, identify strengths and weaknesses, the applied course’s scope, and prepare them with Q&A expected during the actual interview. We will conduct mock interviews at various levels and assess how the candidate responds to questions. Subsequently, based on answers, we prepare a candidate with appropriate solutions for given situations.

With this special training, you will be fully confident of what to do or not to do and tackle difficult questions and situations. That way, facing the visa interview becomes easier for you.